Single tooth replacement

The one thing we don't want standing out in the crowd is the single tooth we have just replaced. Replacing a single tooth and making it ‘blend’ in is perhaps the most challenging task in aesthetic dentistry.

All too often, we however, relish the challenge and every effort and much time is expended to study and capture the characteristics of your natural tooth. We would then faithfully merge these features and construct a tooth than looks very much at home with all your other teeth.

Some single crowns we have made

In this case, the existing crown appears too opaque and lifeless. the gums too have become darker and unhealthy. It was simply too noticable

A High Aesthetic crown was carefully constructed to blend in naturally with all the other teeth. Note how existing features from the onatural teeth are faithfully reproduced on the crown.. Features like discolourations, white spots and surface texture from the natural teeth are artistically incorporated into the crowns so that it looks like part of the same family.

The size and shape of the tooth was also designed to be closer to that of the natural teeth. Even the gums have formed more naturally and appear healthier.



We are all too familiar with dental work that look too obviously fake. Making a tooth that looks, natural, beautiful and real takes a lot of planning, effort and time. There are simply no easy methods or shortcuts. Whether it is a single tooth or the entire smile, colour, hue, value, translucency, texture ( just to name a few) are all important factors and must all be addressed in order to create a ‘real’ tooth. High aesthetic veneers can have 20 to 25 layers of porcelain with differing properties to create this look. It is obviously a painstaking, artistic process meant for highly experienced, highly trained and highly talented hands.

The result as in the photographs above are obvious...