The aesthetic team

Professionals with a PASSION for PERFECTION

It is crucial that you know and trust the professionals who will be working with you on improving your smile. No two smiles are alike and at Pristine, you will be working with dental professionals who have a deep passion for individualizing each patients’ needs, and developing solutions that are tailored specifically to each different patient. The end result is a satisfied patient who feels transformed by a new smile that is uniquely and very naturally their own.

Dr. Suresh Nair
Your Dental Surgeon

Dr Suresh Nair

Dr. Suresh Nair graduated from University Malaya and joined private practice in 1994. he has been conferred with the Fellowship of the International College of Dentistry (FICD), Academy of Dentistry International (FADI) and International College of Continuing Dental Education (FICCDE). He has also obtained the Certificate of Implantology from the University of Berne, Switzerland through examination.

His interest in aesthetic dentistry started early with him enrolling in orthodontic courses which he started practicing in 1996. This formed the foundation for an ever growing interest to create beautiful smiles. He travels at least twice a year to destinations all over the world to attend conferences and continuing education programmes to improve and update his knowledge and skills.

Dr. Suresh has been involved in teaching undergraduate students as well as dental practitioners. He has lectured undergraduate students in University Malaya and SeGI University.. He was also a speaker at Dental scientific conventions of the Malaysian Private Dental Practitioners Association and the Malaysian Association of Oral Implantologists. He has had articles on aesthetic dentistry published in international publications. His involvement in the Malaysian Dental Association as its Hon. Financial Secretary and his duties as the Editor of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation has exposed him to the international arena, to contemporary practices and progressive personalities in the field of dentistry. He is a Founder member of the Malaysian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry.

A close collaboration with Mr. Nasser Shademan, world renowned master technologist and founder of Oral Museum has led to a unique approach and innovative systems in designing and delivering beautiful smiles.

Nasser Shademan
Your master dental technologist

Nasser Shademan

Nasser Shademan is a certified dental technologist trained in germany with unique, artistic skills. This enables him to craft the most natural looking and beautiful smiles that suits individual patients. He is a professional sculptor, painter and above all an experienced dental technologist. He engineers restorations that improve function while demonstrating highly esthetic results. His uncanny ability to combine the art and science of dental technology has enabled him to satisfy the cosmetic needs of most demanding dental patients including celebrities and high ranking personalities throughout Asia and Europe.

He is the director of Oral Max International Laboratory and performs ongoing technical research and innovations in restorative systems. He has presented numerous lectures, hands-on courses on veneers and aesthetics regionally and internationally. He has contributed articles and has been published in dental journals internationally.


Beautiful results are a culmination of a team effort by the dental surgeon, the technologist and the support staff. At Pristine, the shared passion and synergy between Dr. Suresh Nair , Nasser Shademan and the Aesthetic team has enabled patients to receive restorations that are healthy, reliable and beautiful.

Many long hours of intense focus and dedicated labour has brought this aesthetic team to a level where they function together seamlessly and professionally. This has also enabled team members to constantly evolve, innovate and improve the various stages of the process of creating beautiful smiles.

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