High Aesthetic Crowns & Veneers

What are high aesthetic veneers and crowns?

These are custom crafted, thin shells of porcelain made by Master Dental Technologists . These are placed and cemented unto teeth to restore and enhance the original underlying teeth.

Are all veneers created equal?

Just like any precise, defined object designed for beauty and strength, veneers take great skill, precision and technical knowledge to craft. The subjective and artistic value of beauty means that artistic talent and ability becomes an essential element in creating High Aesthetic work. Master technologists sit on the highest rung of laboratory professionals who work on veneers or crowns. That a master technologist is artistically talented adds a rare and unique dimension to the work achieved and to the end result.

Surface features maintained

Natural lines

At Pristine, the combination of an experienced aesthetic dentist, a talented master technologist and a proven Aesthetic team working side by side has resulted in beautiful, reliable results.

Making it look real.

We are all too familiar with dental work that looks too obviously fake. Making a tooth that looks, natural, beautiful and real takes a lot of planning, effort and time. There are simply no easy methods or shortcuts. Whether it is a single tooth or the entire smile, colour, hue, value, translucency, texture (just to name a few) are all important factors and must all be addressed in order to create a ‘real’ tooth.


Edge design

High aesthetic veneers can have 20 to 25 layers of porcelain with differing properties to create this look. It is obviously a painstaking, artistic process meant for highly experienced, highly trained and highly talented hands. Many veneer systems available have less 5 or 6 layers of porcelain, limiting the potential for realism.