Your first visit

When you first visit our practice, you will receive a new patient kit. It will contain a brochure and some oral health information pamphlets. Filling up forms are never fun but by completing our records, you will allow us to serve you better. After you’ve completed the registration form including your medical status and consent, you will be ushered into the treatment suite.

If you don’t have an urgent complaint, a routine examination will be conducted. The examination is to inform you of your general oral and dental health. You can expect information on the following areas:-

  • Health of your lymph nodes, joints etc
  • Health of your gums
  • Health of your teeth
  • General level of hygiene and potential problems

X-rays ( Radiographs) may be recommended to help us ‘see’ areas, which are not visible to the naked eye. This will help us detect cavities. It will also allow us to treat early decay without drilling or fillings.