Functional Appliances

A functional appliance may be a fixed or removable brace that works on the upper and lower teeth to help correct the position of the teeth and improve the bite. An example of a common functional appliance is the Twin Block appliance.

functional appliance

Like a removable brace, when first fitted, a functional appliance can cause some soreness of the teeth and facial muscles for a few days. This will gradually disappear the more you wear the brace. You may also find that your speech sounds different; again, this will improve after a few days.

The more you wear the functional appliance, the faster your teeth will move, and the faster the overall treatment time with this brace. Most patients who have completed treatment with a functional appliance then go on to have fixed braces to achieve better alignment of the teeth.

Your functional brace should be worn day and night. You can remove it for meals, brushing your teeth, playing contact sports and swimming.Your orthodontist will show you how to keep the brace clean, and how to insert and remove it. When you are not wearing it, keep the brace in the brace box given to you.

Be gentle when removing and inserting the brace. Avoid clicking the brace in and out repeatedly with your tongue, as this will cause the brace to break. If you lose your brace or it breaks, please ring Pristine Orthodontics as soon as is reasonably possible for an appointment.