How to get a brand new smile?

A PAINLESS process

Aesthetic dentistry has been described as a blending of artistry and science, to enhance nature where it has been worn out or damaged or has naturally developed less than ideally. Here is a brief outline of the treatment process and the technology at work behind it:

1. A SMILE Analysis

A smile is unique to that individual. An attractive smile is one that is part of a harmonious whole. This means the shape and size of the face, eyes, nose, lips all play a part in determining the right smile for you. Even your personality would play a part as smiles can convey strength, gentleness, femininity, masculinity, openness. The shape, size and angulation of your teeth can make enhance these traits. That is why there will be photos taken, many, many photos to help us determine what is right for you.

2. Designing a new smile

Using the original models of your teeth, a special wax is used to sculpt and shape the model to reflect the changes we would propose for you. You are shown the new model and a discussion and decisions are made regarding the smile you want.

3. Cleaning and Preparing

In order that the procedure be painless, a local anaesthetic is administered and the surfaces of the teeth involved are prepared. Any damaged or decayed structure and old fillings are removed and recontoured. A microscope is used at this session to allow us to achieve maximum accuracy with the preparation.

At this visit temporary teeth are very carefully contructed to give a glimpse of the final smile. Temporaries are very important not just to protect the teeth while waiting for the final veneers but also to enable us to evaluate, adjust and reassess your smile and the expected results. Many more photos are taken at this stage for further study.

4. Custom made

Examining the photos of the temporary allows us to decide if we want to retain the shape we originally planned or to make some adjustment to it. An appointment may be made to make some changes to the temporaries so that an accurate evaluation can be made.

There is not to be any guess work here! This procedure is absolutely painless as the adjustment will be carried out on the temporaries itself. You will be able to see for yourself, the effects of the adjustments and to give your feedback on what your preferences are.

5. Fitting the VENEERS

Each veneer is carefully bonded to the tooth with an extremely strong bonding material. They are then cleaned and adjusted and you walk away with your brand new smile after many more photos taken of course.

6. HIGH AESTHETIC customising

Once again the photos taken play a major role in determining if any adjustments are needed. At this point, they are minor adjustements. However, in pursuit of that engaging smile, we usually do make these detailed adjustments to achieve this. This is usually done after a week of 'test driving' the veneers to allow your lips, teeth and gums to get used to the new veneers.