Management of Special Patients

Fearful and anxious patients

It is very common for many people to fear and be anxious about dental treatment. Although these fears are unfounded especially with today’s dentistry, the psychological legacy of previous experience or ‘horror’ stories cannot be discounted. Therefore, we at Pristine Dental Centre take every effort to create an environment that is free from fear and anxiety.

In the treatment suite, every effort is made to ensure that treatment is painless. The use of a modern dental unit, materials and anaesthetics make it possible for even complex dental treatment to be painless.


We consider this an important specialty in dentistry as children need to be approached with a different philosophy than an adult. With Child Dentistry Specialists at Pristine, we set out to achieve that.

This is an area which we take very seriously. It is very important that your child’s first experience at the dental clinic be a pleasant one. Bringing a child for a first visit whilst the child is in pain usually spells a difficult experience for all concerned. An initial examination and a tooth brushing drill with the dental assistant would be a good introduction to the dental clinic. Furthermore, educational tools like models, picture, videos etc will be used to make the child feel more at ease with the idea of a dental examination or procedure.


Elderly patients need help to ensure that they are able to eat well. This is essential for continued good health. Many health problems arise because they cannot chew well and thus overload their intestinal systems . Nutrition intake is also compromised due to poor absorption. This is a challenging area due to age and health concerns. We recognize this and work hard to ensure enough time and care is given to them.

Special needs patients

Out dental practice has been designed to be wheelchair friendly and in most cases these special patients can be handled and treated with comfort.