Other Dental Services

Restorative Dentistry

This involves fillings and there is a wide range of material available to fill teeth like Amalgam (metal alloy) fillings and Tooth coloured fillings such as composites, compomers and Glass ionomer Cements.

Crown & Bridge

Crowns are usually used to protect and restore:
a) Badly carious and broken down teeth
b) Root filled teeth
c) And/or for Cosmetics

Bridges are a popular option to replace missing teeth and for Cosmetics


A method to replace missing teeth where acrylic or metal is used to hold prosthetic teeth.

Oral surgery i.e extractions and wisdom tooth surgery

Removal of teeth is usually the last option. Teeth, which are too badly decayed or broken, malpositioned wisdom teeth and severe crowding are some of the reasons why teeth are extracted. It is done under a local anaesthesia and steps are taken to ensure that the area involved is numb and free of pain before the extraction is done.

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

When a tooth is beyond a filling and its nerves are affected, a root canal therapy where the diseased nerves are removed is undertaken. The tooth is then root filled and finally, a filling or crown is placed to protect it.

Gum treatment and surgery

Gum disease is a widespread problem among many populations. Treatment is very important to restore the health of your gums and prevent the loss of teeth. Sometime surgery is undertaken to replace gum tissue lost to this disease.


A popular and effective method to ‘whiten’ teeth. A custom made tray and special dentist prescribed chemicals are used over several days to lighten the shade of your teeth by several levels.


An initial examination where an evaluation of your oral health is done and treatment options are presented and discussed. We will help you decide what options are best suited to your own unique and particular needs.

Preventive treatment

Prevention is the best cure and many procedures like fissure sealants, fluoride therapy etc can be undertaken to prevent and reduce the incidence of decay and dental disease.

Scaling and polishing

A basic procedure in a dental practice usually performed once in six months. Its purpose is to remove plaque and tartar, which causes gum disease, and also to remove stains.

Referral services

If the treatment that you require is too complex to be carried out in a general dental practice, we will provide you with a referral service and give you options to visit a specialist or a hospital based dental center.