Here To Serve

We are here to serve you and to serve you well. In order to do this, we have established our practice with attention to what you need and expect from your dental practice and your doctor.

It’s all about making you feel comfortable and welcome.

This is why we have put a lot of thought and effort into your physical environment while you are in our premise, It is designed to be comforting and conducive – for you to receive our expertise and for us to provide it. We want you to feel confident in our care and comfortable in our chair.

We want to truly know you, understand your needs and concerns.

We need to know what you really need as a person seeking help. We want to know how we can serve you better. This is why we carefully consider how to communicate with our patients, why we try to never turn away a person who is in pain and also why we always try our very best to ensure you have the access you need to our expertise. Our care for you is a continuous effort and it does not end with you leaving the premises of the practice. This is portrayed through our communication, follow-up appointments and reminders – to ensure your needs as a patient, and as a person, are always taken into consideration.

We want you to feel safe with us.

Keeping you safe involves having a strict adherence to safety standards. By protecting everyone from infections, ensuring sufficient protection from radiation, using safe and established materials and methods, equipping ourselves with safe equipment and ensuring our knowledge and skills are current – we constantly strive to deliver high standards of care and treatment for you.

You deserve reasonable solutions and options.

We remind ourselves constantly that each person is unique with different needs, viewpoints and priorities. When we provide solutions for you, we must empower you with enough knowledge to help you make a decision that is best and affordable for yourself. We will use all our knowledge and match them to what we understand about you to help you make sound and prudent decisions. If we have insufficient expertise to meet your needs, we will be able to at least assist you to seek help in the right place.

Practically pain-free dental care.

Making a little more effort in ensuring that you are comfortable and relaxed, even before the treatment begins, does go a long way – as we work towards actualising a pleasant experience. We focus much on our ability and knowledge to control pain.Our goal is to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible.

We feel privileged to be in a position to serve. This is your practice too, which is why we embrace your opinions, good or bad. We will rejoice in having served you well..