Smile Design

Step One

A smile is unique to that individual. An attractive smile is one that is part of a harmonious whole. This means the shape and size of the face, eyes, nose, lips all play a part in determining the right smile for you. Even your personality would play a part as smiles can convey strength, gentleness, femininity, masculinity, openness. The shape, size and angulation of your teeth can make enhance these traits. That is why there will be photos taken, many, many photos to help us determine what is right for you.

Step Two
Smile Design

Using the original models of your teeth, a special wax is used to sculpt and shape the model to reflect the changes we would propose for you. You are shown the new model and a discussion and decisions are made regarding the smile you want.

We can also make a master smile design where different 'smiles' are sketched for you to see the shape and arrangements that are possible for your face and to choose the one that you most like. Based on your choice, a wax model is made and then trial teeth are produced to mimic the chosen smile design.

Step Three
Trying on a smile

At this visit temporary teeth are very carefully contructed to give a glimpse of the final smile. Temporaries are very important not just to protect the teeth while waiting for the final veneers but also to enable us to evaluate, adjust and reassess your smile and the expected results. Many more photos are taken at this stage for further study.

Step Four
A brand new smile

Each veneer is carefully bonded to the tooth with an extremely strong bonding material. They are then cleaned and adjusted and you walk away with your brand new smile after many more photos taken of course

Dramatic Possibilities

It is the right design that leads us to beautiful results.



Art is the method of arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

Science is the systematic knowledge that is capable of predictable outcomes.

Creating this smile is truly the melding of art and science.